Friday, 22 July 2011

Vastra and Jenny the new SJA?

Steven Moffat speaks out about his thoughts on our Victorian Silurian and her maid fan thoughts.

 Ever since A Good Man Goes To War,  fans have literally been screaming for more of Madame Vastra, Silurian, and her lesbian maid Jenny. Here's what Moffat thinks of this matter:

I instantly pitched it to Ben Stephenson [Controller, Drama Commissioning]. He just said ‘…Yes!’. And then I said ‘I obviously don’t have time to do this…’ [laughs].
“I think I might revisit them. They were great fun to write. Obviously the first person to think about a spin-off was me, when I was writing ‘A Good Man Goes To War’… A Victorian Silurian? Her lesbian maid? Come on! I was pleased by the reaction to them, but not surprised. They really cut through as characters, given how little screentime they had. I certainly wouldn’t be averse to them returning. It’s just a thing that worked, isn’t it? I love that Victorian setting, and having kicked it out of Sherlock Holmes I can always kick it in somewhere else!”


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