Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dr Who Mazes of Time review

Well, it may have been ages since the Mazes of Time app was released but here is my review:

Mazes of Time has just what you would expect of a Dr Who game; funny lines, action and a good story line. The story line is the Doctor and Amy (no Rory, poor guy) looking for a family in time who were seperated after their ship went sort of ka-boom.
They travel in time looking for time spheres as well to help repair the damaged ship. Along the way, they face Cybermen, Silurians, Daleks and, if you count the mini games, Autons and Weeping Angels.

This game is right in there. Straight away our heros minus Rory have a problem. Time ship, family on board and A DALEK SCIENTIST! Gasp! After seeing it though: "Oh look the Joneses have dissapeared!" Well, not those exact words.

The game play is brill, save for the joystick going a bit spaz at times. Puzzles in nearly every room keep you thinking as do your enemies.
Angels in the Shadows is the only deadly scary one, the Angels moving when your sonic light isn't on them. Poor Amy has no light. I say you need to have headphones on while playing these levels because you can hear them move.

Action at every corner. And the occasional Amy regeneration. What the fez she is not a Time Lord! Anyway, this keeps you on your toes

If you like action and puzzle games, get this! It's worth the money for the main story and the add ons. Although the level creator is a bit cookoo.

9/10 hats to you Doctor!

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