Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Time Dragon is moving

Update on current situation of TDitV
Let's get down to business. Unfortunately, I have decided to relocate Time Dragon off of Blogger. Mostly anyway. A majority of the posts will now be held on my Wordpress site, timedragoninthevortex.wordpress.com , because Blogger has been problematic recently. While Wordpress does not enable me to embed Disqus or the Chatango box, I feel that ultimately, it will be better to use. Blogger has not been posting a majority of my recent posts and I have simply not had the time to redo them when Blogger is being slow.

I also feel that it will be more convinent for me in the long run too. It will allow it to be easier to moderate comments onto the blog. I also hope that you'll understand that I am unable to post everyday, with school work plus other personal problems and that I feel that I am forced to move.

A final note. For me, Time Dragon is a hobby. It is not my main priority. I enjoy every minute of running it but sometimes I either cannot post everyday because there is either no news or my self-esteem and motivation has fallen again due to peer pressure in lessons. Personal news is on another blog of mine that only people I can trust 100% know the URL to. It is not my job to run Time Dragon all of the time and I seem to be facing more hurdles in my life now for some reason.

So goodbye Blogger, hello Wordpess.

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