Thursday, 7 July 2011

io9 and Meta Fictional on masked "Soulless"

io9 and Meta Fictional have revealed who the masked figures in the trailers for the upcomign Torchwood are.


There's the "Soulless" protest movement, in which people wear those weird white masks you've seen because they believe humanity has lost its souls. There's also the 45 Club, a suicide cult that believes if you jump from above the 45th floor of a building, you'll succeed in killing yourself. The sister of Esther (Havins) has a total nervous breakdown because she believes the Soulless are right.

Meta Fictional:

Word on the street is that groups of the so-called "Soulless" are gathering peacefully to silently protest the impending Miracle Day, rumored to be taking place this Friday. Some believe that Miracle Day will be a day for rejoicing (probably because, allegedly, no one will ever die again), but others remain cautious.
. . . With scant information from the shady organizers, officials encourage vigilance for the coming few days. Look out for the Soulless in your neighborhood.

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