Saturday, 29 October 2011

10 teasers for tonights Merlin

From Digital Spy:

"To the enemies of Camelot, you are still untested as a King."

Arthur makes a string of shocking decisions.

"The kingdom's my responsibility now - mine to bear alone."

Morgana forges a deadly alliance to seize the throne of Camelot.

"You're a cabbage head!"

Arthur turns down the opportunity to share a bed with Merlin.

"Not too tight, Merlin!"

Merlin gets to dress up as a Knight of Camelot.

"You're not about to start crying on me, are you?!"

Arthur's romance with Gwen reaches a crisis point.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

15 teasers for the next Merlin ep

15 teasers for the upcoming Merlin episode, His Father's Son

Doctor Who series 6 soundtrack release dated

Been gripped by the music of the latest Doctor Who series?
Well, the 2 disc soundtrack of the music, written by Murry Gold, has a release date. It is due out for the 5th of December.

Barrowman on Torchwood success and Doctor Who return

John Barrowman talks to The Coventry Net about the success of Miracle Day and considering a Doctor Who return.

Friday, 21 October 2011

10 Merlin quotes for tomorrow's episode

From CultBox:

» 'It is not worth anyone’s life.'

» 'The legends tell a tale only the druids know.'

» 'What can I say, execution didn’t really appeal to me.'

» 'This is your chance, Merlin; your chance to escape your meaningless life!'

» 'Don’t tell me; it was too salty.'

» 'It's cost me twenty years of mine!'

» 'Are you a good liar, Merlin?'

» 'Dragons cannot be used like that!'

» 'Is that another word you made up?'

» 'I am a dragon lord; it is my sacred duty to protect the last of the dragons.'

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Matt Smith best sci-fi actor at Spike Scream Awards last night

Matt Smith won last night as best sci-fi actor at the Spike Scream Awards last night, beating Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Harrison Ford and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Doctor Who unfortunately lost best TV show to Game Of Thrones.
Better then Waterloo Road again!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

10 dialogue teasers for SJA

Via CultBox:

‘What a clumsy clot you are, Miss Smith!’

‘When it comes to men, I prefer something I can grab hold of.’

‘I suppose we’re... sort of... brother and sister.’

‘I had to leave K-9 back at uni.’

‘How will you feel tonight when everyone’s walking down Bannerman Road, with their arms out, saying, “Serve the computer”?’

‘Believe me: if he says they’re fine, they’re fine.’

‘Sarah Jane, let me drink you in.’

‘You were already old-fashioned when I was new-fangled.’

‘Oi, Mr Smith – don’t be nasty.’

‘I’m delicate... in a very manly way.’


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Teasers for The Wicked Day, the next ep of Merlin

The following teasers have been released by CultFix:

The episode starts off jovial enough, but takes a sadder turn

“You’re not wearing any trousers!”

Urther fights for his life and someone else’s

Merlin takes the longest pee break ever

“I hope the image of my face haunts him”

“When I’m king, things will be different. You won’t have to live in fear”

Old Merlin orders a piggyback… and kicks Arthur

“By trying ** **** *** ******, Arthur will **** his ****”

Morgana is only half happy

“He will look to his trusted uncle for council and I will ensure that he fails”

Old Merlin attacks Arthur with magic

“I was so arrogant… That arrogance **** ** ****** *** ****”

Merlin may have to keep his secret for a while longer yet

Long live the King

The conclusion marks a pivotal moment for the series

Lara Pulver: "It's deeper than romance"

Lara Pulver, who has signed up to play Irene Adler in the 2nd Series of Sherlock for A Scandal In Belgravia, has been interviewed by Digital Spy:

On the episode:

"Steven Moffat's written an episode about Sherlock dealing with what love is, rather than Sherlock really knowing what being in love is. We're both very much playing a mind game with each other. We've met our matches with each other."

And on if love is blossoming between Sherlock and Irene:

"It's kind of deeper than romance. It's kind of infatuation."


Pics for the next ep of Merlin


Doctor Who series 6 final viewing figures

Here are the viewing figures for the entire series 6 of Doctor Who, minus iPlayer views, from BARB:

The Impossible Astronaut: 8.86 million

Day of the Moon: 7.30 million

The Curse of the Black Spot: 7.85 million

The Doctor’s Wife: 7.97 million

The Rebel Flesh: 7.35 million

The Almost People: 6.72 million

A Good Man Goes to War: 7.57 million

Let’s Kill Hitler: 8.1 million

Night Terrors: 7.07 million

The Girl Who Waited: 7.60 million

The God Complex: 6.77 million

Closing Time: 6.93 million

The Wedding of River Song: 7.67 million

Monday, 10 October 2011

Moffat on River's future and the reason for the shift to Autumn

Moffat has spoken to the authors of The Brilliant Book 2012 (Via Den Of Geek) about River Song and why he's made the choice to get Doctor Who aired in Autumn.

On River's future:

"That’s dependent on Alex Kingston”. He also confirmed that the Ponds are in Series 7.

On the move:

"The truth behind the delay next year is: why are we killing ourselves and risking compromising the show, in order to go out in the middle of summer? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of standing in the blazing sunshine, with a barebecue fork in my hand, knowing that Doctor Who is coming on any minute”.

And on the 50th Anniversary:

“Epic, huge, massive, indulgent... all your treats at once”. He adds that “I guarantee you it’s going to be the best year ever to be a Doctor Who fan. We’re going to be in production for longer than ever, just to do everything that we intend to do”.

See the full thing here:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Merlin ep 2: 20 teasers

Cult Fix has posted 20 teasers about the upcoming Merlin episode:

Gwaine or Winnie the Pooh?

Merlin and Lancelot get some unexpected help

The Wildren return and one takes a quite a fancy to Gwaine

Agravaine gets annoyed when Gwen speaks out against him

“We must make sure she never sees another dawn!”

The Great Dragon appears and meets Lancelot

“Sir Lancelot, the bravest and most noble of them all”

Morgana infiltrates Camelot again

“It will be an empty world without you, young warlock”

Lancelot has no feelings for Gwen apparently

“Will you give yourself to the spirits to save your prince?”

A sacrifice is made

“I asked him to look after you and he promised me with his life… He was **** ** *** ****”
Tears will be shed at the conclusion

“You must help me find this Emrys and destroy him”

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2: But surely...

A fake Hitler story. By meeee!

11thDoctor: Rory, put Hitler in the cupboard.
Rory: Right, putting Hitler in the cupboard...
Hitler: Who are you?! I am ze Fuher!

*Next ep*

Alex: Everything he's scared of goes in the cupboard.
Hitler: *In cupboard* I am not scary!

*2 eps later*

*Gibbis hides in cupboard from Weeping Angels*

Hitler: Hi.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Snaps

Featuring back-to-front helmet...!


Sherlock: Series 2 poster

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Apologies and stuff

Sorry if I don't post as much I'm going through a tough patch of life. Hope you understand. Hoots and flames to y'all still.