Saturday, 23 July 2011

Story Mania winner

The winner of my story competition revealed.

Well, I just realised I'm a bit late with this. Sorry, I've been very busy and, to be honest, I'm surprised I'm still able to run this blog.

So here is the winning entry for brilliant simplicity:

Doctor Who
“Alien in the Attic”
By Elizabeth Weathers

“Bella,” Dina said to her young daughter one morning, “have you cleaned out the attic yet?”

“No, Mum.” Isabella continued to work on the computer. “I’ll do it in a moment, just let me finish this. Okay?”

“No, you go do it now, Bell.” Isabella got up from the computer with a huff and headed for their dusty attic. She walked up the long, old staircase leading to the attic. Suddenly, she heard a faint noise. She froze in mid-step to listen. The noise sounded like a faint groan. After hearing no more, she forgot about it and continued on up stairs.

Slowly, Isabella opened the door, creating a loud creaking sound. She looked over for a light switch then proceeded to turn it on. Looking around the large attic, she saw how unused it was. The floors were bent up, and soaking wet. The ceiling had multiple holes in it and appeared to contain some sort of nest. All of the old boxes and furniture had gathered dust over the many years left untouched.
A thump came from behind her. Slowly, she turned to see what had caused it. Nothing. She turned back around and in a moment’s notice - and a sharp scream - Isabella was gone.

* * *

Amy Pond walked down the stairs and into the main control room on the TARDIS. Flipping a random switch on the console down, she looked over at The Doctor. “So,” she began, “where are we off to now?”

“Cardiff,” he answered from the top of his head. He didn’t even look up, just continued to pump the Wobbly pump.

“Cardiff? As in... Wales? ‘All of time and space,’ you said, ‘any thing that ever happened or ever will...’ And... Cardiff?!” She planted her hands on her hips and looked down at him.

The Doctor switched from the Wobbly pump to another gear. “Cardiff once had this really big earthquake, causing a rift to open. Well, that leftover rift energy is absolutely perfect to recharge the TARDIS. So, here... we... are!” He stopped, turned, and smiled at Amy. “Now, where’s that husband of yours?”

“Just a minute. Rory!” In an instant, Rory Williams came tumbling down the small staircase. He was breathing heavily with fear.

“What’d I do?” Rory asked with overreaction.

“Nothing, we’re docked, or parked, or... landed.” Amy replied. “Come on.” She was the first out the doors, then The Doctor, then Rory followed last.

“So, how long does this usually take?” Rory asked.

“Oh, not long,” The Doctor replied. “We just walk around for a whi--” Something distracted him. On the televisions in a shop window were of a reporter, speaking of several lost children accounts. “Amy, Rory, come look at this.”

“What do you think is causing the missing children reports?”Amy looked over at The Doctor with large concern.

“Well, I’ve dealt with this before. It was just an Isolus possessing a young girl and trapping the children drawings, but I doubt that’s the case.” He looked around the city, eyes quickly passing Torchwood.

“Doctor, we’re not going to look into this, are we?” Amy pleaded. She crossed her arms and looked at him with annoyed eyes.

“Well, maybe just a quick peak.” Quickly, The Doctor ran off over towards a small neighborhood. Once the threesome got there, he stopped.

“Doctor, what are we doing?” Rory asked, but was shushed.
“Hold on,” The Doctor started, “I’m thinking.” He thought back to the news report and remembered the houses that were in the background. Looking to the right, he noticed the first victim’s home. Without hesitation, he proceeded towards the house. After a quick knock on the door, a woman opened it and appeared to have been crying. “Hello. I’m The Doctor and this is Amy and Rory; two, er, assistants of mine. I’m a consulting detective and I wanted to do a small inspection of the crime scene.” He flashed her his psychic paper.

Rory and Amy shot worried looks back and forth. They had no clue as to what The Doctor was about to do and honestly, they didn’t even want to know. “Oh, um, yes, yes, please come in.” The woman showed them in. “Her name was Isabella Holt, my young daughter. Mine’s Dina.”

“Yes, okay,” The Doctor hurried her along, “where was she? What was she doing just before she was taken?”

“Right, well, she headed on up to the attic to clean. I looked around, but there was no sign of any killer anywhere.” Dina’s voice was shaking with fear as she explained all that had happened.

“Take us to the attic, I would like to see for myself what was up there.” The Doctor, Amy, and Rory followed Dina up to the attic. Once there, The Doctor looked over to her and stopped her. “We’ll take it from here,” he said, “I don’t think you should follow.”

“Very well, please be careful.” After she left, the three entered the large, dark attic. Once the small light was on, they began to examine the room.

“Doctor, what if the deaths are just killings and that’s all? No aliens or monsters involved--” A loud groan from behind highly stacked boxes stopped Rory mid-sentence. Slowly, The Doctor walked over towards the set of boxes.

He looked around them to find a tall female figure huddled up in pain. The creature resembled an unborn child in its skin, though had long, oily black hair that fell to its waist. It barely had a mouth at all, and from the look of it, had no eyes or nose either. Tentacles spread out from its head, chest, arms, wrist, waist, stomach, and legs. Also, its fingers were long and bony.

One of its tentacles quickly turned to The Doctor. All of the others soon followed. The creature got up in rapid speed. Its mouth opened, though the skin was still connected like slime. A sharp groan was let out, and Amy and Rory came running to The Doctor’s side. Two tentacles turned to Amy and two turned to Rory.

“Doctor,” Amy began with fear in her voice, “what’s that thing gonna do?”

“Nothing, those tentacles aren’t weapons.” The Doctor slid his hand across one. “It sees out of these. In them, Amy, are microscopic eyeballs. That’s why it doesn’t have eyes, it sees out the tentacles.”

“Well, what is it?” Rory looked at The Doctor in extreme confusion.

“It’s called a Yuun.” He answered staring the thin alien from head to toe. “But question is; what is it doing here? Hang on, three missing children in one day. It’s one in each house. So I should say there are about three, no, exactly three Yuun on this planet.”

“Okay, how did they get here?” Amy asked. “Why Earth?”

“They live on asteroids. An asteroid crashes to Earth, harboring, say, three - the Yuun are forced to evacuate the asteroid. So, one finds shelter here, the other in another home, and same with the last. They must’ve taken rooms either occupied by a child or a child wondered into the room occupied by it.” The Doctor looked over at Amy and Rory. “Understand?”

“Sure.” Amy looked over at the creature. “But I don’t get it, it looks so harmless. How could it have killed the children?”

“Well, they could’ve been eaten. The Yuun are a scavenger race. They’ll feed on whatever they can get their hands on. Also, their skin creates a poisonous slime that is generated whenever they’re under stress.” He smiled slightly at Amy and Rory.

“So what now?” Rory asked curiously. “We can’t just leave them.”

“Leave them? Oh no, we wouldn’t do that. The process is rather simple. All we have to do is take them to another asteroid and let them live in peace.”

Amy looked at The Doctor in surprise. “And how do we do that?”

“We could always bag them. You know, shove them into bags, put them on the TARDIS and then take them to an asteroid.” Rory smiled as he looked over at The Doctor and Amy.

“I suppose that could work. Wouldn’t harm them in any way, so we could do that. Good idea, Rory.” The Doctor smiled with delight as the three raced out of the house. They grabbed some bags from the TARDIS and went to each home harboring a Yuun. Finally, the three aliens were in the TARDIS and ready to be taken to their new home.

Back on the TARDIS, The Doctor was at the controls and flying her to a new asteroid. Once they landed, he looked back over to the bags. Acid was beginning to seep through one. “Amy, Rory,” he said with panic, “quick, help me get these out! One of them woke up and is under stress. Quickly, now, quickly,” he said with worry as he and Amy and Rory placed the bag on the asteroid. After the last bag was placed, they let the Yuun free.

“Well, Doctor, that was relatively easy, don’t ya think?” Amy said to The Doctor in relief.

“Yeah, but they may come back. Who knows, this asteroid may get over to another important planet and they may inhabit that planet like Earth.” The Doctor’s face turned from relieved to a bit worried. “I hope we got them all.”

“Well, look at it this way. Not many can live on one small asteroid at a time. Everybody dies, so, it’s unlikely there are anymore.” Amy looked over at the wooden doors and pondered for a moment. The earth was safe again, but probably not for long. There are always aliens out there, and they will never stop invading.

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