Monday, 7 November 2011

Doctor Who Lenticular chess set

Information about a lenticular Doctor Who chess set

Ever wanted to reenact the epic battles between the Doctor and his enemies but safely? Now you can with the Doctor Who chess set.

The Doctor wanted to make a chess set. It couldn't be just any chess set; this chess set had to depict his epic battles across space and time, look cool, and be affordable enough for the average gal working as a kissogram. That meant that alien technology that made electrified hologram pieces was out of the question. The Doctor traveled back to the 80s to watch Jem and the Holograms and eat some Cracker Jack. After unwrapping his prize, he dashed back to the TARDIS, knowing exactly what needed to be done.
What makes this chess set cooler than a bowtie is the lenticular printing on the pieces. Each piece has two pictures of the character inside and they morph before your eyes as you move them. Fight the good fight on the team of The Doctor with his friends Amy, Rory, River, and the TARDIS and battle the forces of evil and save the universe. Each set includes 32 lenticular animated chess pieces and the game board with the Pandorica symbol on it.

Product Specifications
  • The ultimate chess set for fans of Doctor Who
  • Each piece has a lenticular photo inside - watch them move!
  • Good guys team includes: 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, the TARDIS, and the Judoon
  • Bad guys team includes: Weeping Angel, Supreme Dalek, Cybermen, Silurian General Restac, Smiler, and the Pandorica
  • Board looks like it's engraved with the pattern from the Pandorica
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible
  • Contains: 1 game board, 32 lenticular chess pieces


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