Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Karen Gillan on River's secret, Let's Kill Hitler villain and motherhood

Karen's Zap2it Comic Con interview about River Song, being a mum and the alien/villain in Let's Kill Hitler.

On River's secret:
"No, I really didn't have any idea about River's character.That was a big a shock to me as it was to the audience when they watched it. We filmed quite a lot of the series as well when we found that out, so when I got that script I was like 'No way!', but Alex Kingston new the whole time, the sneak! Steven Moffat actually all had us keeping secrets from each other."

On Let's Kill Hitler:

It's so good! Alex Kingston gives an Amazing performance. And there's a really interesting villain called the Tesselector (or it could be spelt another way, you never can tell with Moffat), and there's a really interesting concept behind that."

On Amy's future and motherhood:

"It's the weirdest motherhood ever .Motherhood would change any woman, so it's definitely going to be the same for Amy. We're just going to see that relationship really explored between River and Amy... It's not brushed over by any means, and also, something really interesting happens to Amy which I can't tell you."

Darn you Moffat!

From the Whoniverse Blog

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