Friday, 8 July 2011

Primeval: no Abby or Conner?

When, or should that be if Primeval returns, will Abby and Conner return too? That is the question after Andrew-Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt (Conner and Abby) talked to Digital Spy in May.

Have you heard anything about a potential sixth series?

Andrew: “We’ve heard nothing at all, but we never do until they need to contact us! I know that production company Impossible Pictures definitely want to keep Primeval alive in one way or another. I think that people thought, ‘If it does come back, it has to come back strong’ and I think we did. If you consider how many cast members have changed, and also our shift to filming in Dublin, and the new ARC, and all the other changes in the show, I think we’ve done quite well, and established ourselves as a regenerated show. We kind of had to do that, because of the year off between series three and four. It definitely evolved. Primeval deserves to carry on, and I hope it does. As for mine and Hannah’s involvement in that, we’re not entirely sure.”

So would you be interested in coming back for another series?

Hannah: “That’s it, we’re not entirely sure.”

Andrew: “But we will say that Primeval is super-close to our hearts, and it always will be.”

Hannah: “We’ve got a massive soft spot for Primeval. It’s given us a lot.”

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