Wednesday, 27 July 2011

DWM Torchwood opening lines

Doctor Who Magazine has given us the opening lines from each Torchwood Miracle Day episodes. Here they are (not included those that have aired in the UK already):

Episode 3, Dead of Night:

Oswald: "Something happened to all of us. Not just me. Miracle Day arrived, and we all came out of it changed."

Episode 4, Escape to LA:

Esther: "Sarah? It's me. It's Esther. Sarah? Are you there?"

Episode 5, The Categories of Life

Vera: "Excuse me? I'm on medical panels... Where is everyone?"

Episode 6, the Middle Men

Janet: "I pulled everything I could find on the Shanghai deal..."

Episode 7, Immortal Sins:

Inspector: "Harkness? Anyone, Jack Harkness? I'm looking for a Jack Harkness."

Episode 8, End of the Road:

Olivia: "They're with me. They're agreed to leave all weapons behind."

Episode 9, the Gathering:

Radio Voice: "Day 61 of the Great Depression, and the government has announced that all Medical Overflow Camps will stay open."

Episode 10, The Blood Line:

Gwen: "When I was about five or six, my dad came home from work, early. And I knew something was wrong...

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