Thursday, 30 June 2011

Merlin: series 4 info

Merlin's co-creator, Johnny Capps, has spoken to SFX about Merlin's next series (series 4)
He speaks about the opening 2 parter, series 4 in general, Merlin's identity and Uther's importance below:

 "The first story is very much the story of Morgana’s revenge. We left Morgana in a terrible state at the end of the last series, and at the beginning of this, the two-parter, is very much about her trying to get her revenge on Camelot. She does quite an extreme thing, and it’s the question of whether Arthur and Merlin and Knights will be able to defeat her.
Series four goes to some very interesting dark places, but the great thing about the format of the show is you can always counter balance that with a lot of humour. So I think this year instead of having sort of stand-out comedy episodes, it’s very much about having lightness and darkness within episodes.
Merlin’s identity and whether his magic will be found out is a huge part of the next series. I think the audience is slightly obsessed with it. There are other reasons now for him not to tell people that he has magic. There are other people who want to know who he is, and you learn about the legend of Emrys. That’s a huge part of the next series: will his magic be found out? The net is closing in on him. There are other bigger and more important reasons why he can’t reveal his identity yet.
Anthony Stewart Head is an important part in the series and Uther’s legacy is important. There are some very exciting stories for his character. Some interesting choices and some unexpected choices.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day: DWM infomation

Doctor Who Magazine was sitting on my table as I returned from school and it includes some Torchwood stuff.


Jack: "Did you miss me?"
Gwen: " Yes! *Pauses* Started to think it'd be like some kind of fairytale, I'd be an old woman and you'd come by, out of the blue, to visit my granddaughter. I'd be ancient, and you'd still look exactly the same. *Pauses* Where did you go?"
Jack: " Long way away..."

Why the UK and US have different versions of Torchwood episode 1:

In a nutshell, Russell knew kids would like to watch Torchwood after watching Dr Who and so some of the racier and scarier scenes are edited, like, as he says, when Jack kills his grandchild in Children of Earth, to thriller like.

Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 1 synopsis

The synopsis for Torchwood's first episode, titled The New World,  has been released from the BBC.

"One day, nobody dies. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, people keep ageing – they get hurt and sick, but they never die. The result: a population boom, overnight.
With all the extra people, resources are finite. It’s said that in four month’s time, the human race will cease to be viable. But this can’t be a natural event – someone’s got to be behind it. It’s a race against time as CIA agent Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy. The answers lie within an old, secret British institute. As Rex keeps asking: “What is Torchwood?”, he’s drawn into a world of adventure, and a threat to change what it means to be human … for ever.
In the launch episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Agent Rex Matheson is impaled in a car crash and miraculously survives, while his analyst, Esther Drummond, sets out to discover what Torchwood is. Far away, in Wales, Gwen Cooper lives in hiding with her husband Rhys and daughter Anwen – she’s the last surviving Torchwood member and is determined to stay hidden. In Kentucky, convicted murderer Oswald Danes survives his own execution. And when Esther meets the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness, assassins are activated to kill them all…"

The UK air date is 9pm on the 14th July

Doctor Who Audio: The Eye of the Jungle

A new Doctor Who audio book, named The Eye of the Jungle, is to be released on the 7th July. It is read by David Troughton, is written by Darren Jones and here is the story description:

The Amazon rainforest, 1827. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in the jungle near a hurriedly abandoned campsite, where they are surrounded by hungry black caiman - huge lizards. Only the arrival of a man with a rifle sees off the giant beasts. Oliver Blazington has come to the forest to bag big game, and his companion Garrett is a naturalist, collecting exotic creatures for London Zoo. But the Doctor soon discovers that another very different hunter is stalking the Amazon. Animals and people have been disappearing without trace, and local villagers speak darkly of 'The Eye of the Jungle'. Amy senses that the all-seeing Eye is watching them - but she and Rory are powerless to intervene when it sets its sights on the Doctor...

Sounds mysterious!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tv Choice shortlist voting

Waterloo Road faces Dr Who again. And we will win. We will!
Tv Choice awards are open for shortlist voting and Dr Who is up 3 times.

 I voted:
Best new drama: Sherlock BBC1
Best family drama: Doctor Who BBC1
Best actor: Matt Smith Doctor Who
Best actress: Elisabeth Sladen The Sarah Jane Adventures/ Karen Gillan Doctor Who
I voted twice to vote for both Karen and Lis. RIP Lis....
Vote here so DOCTOR WHO CAN WIN!!!!!

Crash of the Elysium-age limit gone

Howdy partners.
As you may know, the BBC started an add on site to the official Dr Who siate called The Fourth Dimenion when series 6 began. Onwards from that date some of the words were in italics, put together into a message. One week we also recieved a video clip. You can watch it via the link below:

After a few weeks but not before AGMGTW, the messages stopped. Many people thought it was a storyline. It was in fact for Crash of the Elysium, a stageshow. Originally it was for ages 6-12 but now they are holding a special stageshow for 13+

Infomation about the event it here

Monday, 27 June 2011

Time Dragon drawings

As you may well know, I have a thing for drawing Dr Who characters as dragons. Well, here is the first of many of my Dr Who dragons I will be uploading.

My Doctor-Dragon, the first one I ever designed but has adapted over time. The original didn't have the quiff sticking out from under his fez. This is what happens when I get bored in lessons and doodle in my logbook. More coming soon!!!

Torchwood air dates confirmed!!!!!! (At last!)

The UK airdate for Torchwood: Miracle Day has finally been released. So, despite being originally British, it airs 6 days after the US and 5 after Canada and Australia.

US premiere – Friday 8th July at 10pm on Starz
Australia – Saturday 9th July at 8.30pm on UKTV
Canada – Saturday 9th July at 9pm on Space
UK – Thursday 14th July at 9pm on BBC1

I find it funny that the Aussies get it before the UK but I don't mind. Voice your thoughts below. And, within reason, angry rants are allowed.

Doctor Who Magazine 436

As we all know, the Whoniverse shook when Nicholas Courtney, aka the Brigadier, passed away. He starred in Classic Who but, to my regret, I have not lived that long and do not know in how many he starred in. I do however know he guest starred in one episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Issue 436 of the Doctor Who Magazine will be paying tribute to him in a bigger than normal issue. The 100 page long issue will be on sale on 30th June and includes the normal news.

Also, the death of Elisabeth Sladen will also have a tribute issue later in the year.

Rest in peace to these 2 frankly awesome actors.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Vote: which monster would you like to return in Dr Who?

Salut dragonnets. I am running a vote to see which monster you all would like to see back. To vote, simply do the following:
List 3 monsters you would like back in the comments.
For example

3) Cybermen
2) The Fog Shark
1) Prisoner Zero

Ok, that's my list. I really want redesigned Cybermen, the Fog Shark to fly and more Prisoner Zero bad ass shape-shifting action.
Only rule: please no Daleks!!!!!

Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode Titles

Starz have released the episode names for the upcoming series of Torchwood with a short synopsis for each:

1. The New World

When death itself comes to a halt, the whole world faces its greatest danger yet. CIA agent Rex Matheson has only one clue – Torchwood.

2. Rendition

As the Torchwood team is reunited, Jack realizes he’s the most vulnerable man on Earth. A flight to the United States turns into a desperate battle for survival.

3. Dead Of Night

Torchwood goes on the run and finds a new enemy, but as they launch a raid on PhiCorp headquarters, Jack must confront the mysterious Oswald Danes.

4. Escape To L.A.

The fight against PhiCorp takes the Torchwood team to California, where a trap is waiting. Meanwhile, Oswald and Jilly find themselves with an enemy of their own.

5. The Categories Of Life

Torchwood goes undercover and discovers the terrible truth behind the Miracle. The enemy is closing in, and death is about to make a shocking return.

6. The Middle Men

With Gwen, Rex and Esther trapped on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s a race against time as Jack goes straight to the heart of the conspiracy.

7. Immortal Sins

Gwen must fight to protect her family and takes a terrifying journey, covering both miles and decades, as the long history of the Miracle is revealed.

Although the above have synopsis, episodes 8-10 don't. Here are the titles:

8. End Of The Road

9. The Gathering

10. The Blood Line

Torchwood UK/US changes

When Torchwood (eventually) airs over in the UK, the program will be slightly different. The editor of Doctor Who Magazine Tom Spilsbury has tweeted:

"Interesting that US Torchwood will have bits UK won’t & UK Torchwood will have bits that US won’t"

Then later on:

"It’s to do with the episode timings in the US and what’s suitable/unsuitable to be shown on the BBC in the UK"

I think the US has different tv laws but I'm unsure. Hopefully when my DWM falls through my post box, infomation will be longer.

My latest Dr Who theory

Aloha Whovians of the web. I came up with a theory about "Time Runs Out":

As we all know, the Doctor died in the Impossible Astronaut. From spoilers on Doctor Who Tv about episode 13, it is set in an alternative time line. My theory is that when the Doctor dies in America, the skeleton with the sonic in hand is the Doctor's, the sonic in his hand after being hidden up his sleve while being shot. As he burnt and sunk, the sonic, being alien, survived and floated into his skeletal hand. After his death, time unravels. Rory is truely erased from the universe after killing Amy, or his Auton has been melted and reformed. The Romans carry in through time, Winston Churchill's Dalek contant kept him alive and pterodyctals and mammoths survived without the Doctor's intervention. River's data ghost would have also been deleted. None of our time crew in this time line. But then it restarts, giving us the young Ponds.
That's all for now dragonnets!

RTD on returning to Who

As we all know, Russell T Davies is the ex-head writer of Dr Who, the head of SJA and the head of Torchwood. Here is what he had to say about returning to Who:

Steven Moffat is lovely enough to offer me the chance to write it again every year. I love the show but they don't need me now.
It’s its own show. I don’t sit there thinking, ‘There’s a gap I could fill’. I’d be mad to rule it out, but there’s no sign of that happening currently, because everyone moves on.” RTD says to On The Box.
RTD is asked if he thinks that since handing over the keys of Dr Who to Moffat that the show has got more complicated.  His reply was:
“It has and that’s Steven’s form of writing. It’s more complex, more interlinked and that’s Steven’s mind. He’s got a mind like a steel trap! That’s the way he works, so it’s wonderful to watch. There are puzzles from episode 1 that won’t play out until Christmas and I think that’s fantastic.”
More like from series 4!!!
RTD then voiced his thoughts about the Doctor and River meeting Captain Jack (oh dear god):
“I think Steven would love it to happen, but it feels like Jack’s place has been taken by River Song in many ways. If you want a swashbuckling, sexy, cheeky and outrageous character, there’s River Song. I’d love to see those two together though. I’d rather see Jack and River, then Jack and the Doctor.”
So there we have it. RTD would return to write an episode or two and would like Jack to meet the Eleventh Doctor and River. And if that ever happens, don't let out your hats.

Time Dragon Has Disqus!!!

This blog now has Disqus enabled for easier commenting!

Story Mania!

Hello bloggers! To celebrate this first post, I'm launching a story writing competition. It must be less then 5 pages long, include characters from one of the shows my blog I'm blogging about, a new enemy and be done and e-mailed before 20th July, giving you plenty of writing time!
My e-mail is
Please remember to include your name! The best will be posted on here so all I have left to say is.... Good luck!!!