Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vids on the web

I have no idea what possessed me to do this but, here are some videos of Matt Smith dancing:

Captain Jack could've come back

Moffat talks to TVLine about how he could've, and may still do, brought Captain Jack back.

“I’d have [brought back Captain Jack] for ‘A Good Man Goes To War,’ because it’d be obvious for him to call upon Jack in those circumstances. But John was busy doing Miracle Day.”
"When we’ve got a good story, we’ll do it,” he says. “You can’t just bring somebody back and say, ‘That’s a story.’ That’s just somebody walking through a door…. I won’t be thinking, ‘How do you bring Captain Jack back?’ I’ll be thinking, ‘You know what this needs? We need to bring Jack back fo

Read more here

Friday, 29 July 2011

10 Torchwood teasers

Digital Spy has released 10 non-spoiler-ish teasers for episode 4, Escape to LA, of Torchwood:

1) Esther betrays someone close to her.

2)"The pathway to Torchwood is open and clear."

3) Rhys is back, and he's taking on a mission for Gwen.

4)"Do you know what they used to call that in the old days? A ****** ****."

5) Piers Morgan gets a mention.

6) "Man, am I sick of your ugly faces?!"

7) Rex takes a trip to visit a relative, who isn't exactly pleased to see him.

8) "I hear rumours of miracles *** to ****."

9) Two members of the Torchwood team undergo a rather unpleasant interrogation.

10) Oswald's flagging media career receives a helpful kick-start.

Let's Kill Hitler opening scene and interview

Well, Blogger has been playing up (YET AGAIN) so here's the link:

It includes the opener to Let's Kill Hitler

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Girl Who Waited: Double heartbreak

DWM is really piling out the spoilers and teasers this issue. This now comes from Moffat's Production Notes:

Wait till you see Karen Gillan in this episode. She'll break your heart. Twice.

What troubles will befall our little Amelia Pond? (Couldn't resist, I felt all Doctor-y)

Air date confirmation? (Update)

DWM's latest issue has been really helpful already.

I've started to read every little detail and this bit caught my eye:

"the final scenes for Let's Kill Hitler are being shot today (Monday 11 July) and whe you read this, you'll only have a month to wait. So be back here next issue, as we preview the first four stories of the new season."

Wait wait wait, what? I thought at first this meant until Let's Kill Hitler airs but now... And isn't this series 6 part 2?


More interesting snatches from DWM:

With just a few weeks to go before Doctor Who returns to television, recording on all 6 episodes of the new series (?) is complete.

Doctor Who Insider Special available in the UK

Doctor Who Insider, North America's version of DWM, is available to buy in the UK.

From DWM:

The very best of the North America magazine Doctor Who Insider issues 1-4 is now available in the UK. Doctor Who Insider contains exclusive interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston and many more, as well as behind-the-scenes features and secrets. The 100-page mag costs &6.99 and is available from newsagents

Well, I'm sure to buy it and post any news on here!

DWM Torchwood opening lines

Doctor Who Magazine has given us the opening lines from each Torchwood Miracle Day episodes. Here they are (not included those that have aired in the UK already):

Episode 3, Dead of Night:

Oswald: "Something happened to all of us. Not just me. Miracle Day arrived, and we all came out of it changed."

Episode 4, Escape to LA:

Esther: "Sarah? It's me. It's Esther. Sarah? Are you there?"

Episode 5, The Categories of Life

Vera: "Excuse me? I'm on medical panels... Where is everyone?"

Episode 6, the Middle Men

Janet: "I pulled everything I could find on the Shanghai deal..."

Episode 7, Immortal Sins:

Inspector: "Harkness? Anyone, Jack Harkness? I'm looking for a Jack Harkness."

Episode 8, End of the Road:

Olivia: "They're with me. They're agreed to leave all weapons behind."

Episode 9, the Gathering:

Radio Voice: "Day 61 of the Great Depression, and the government has announced that all Medical Overflow Camps will stay open."

Episode 10, The Blood Line:

Gwen: "When I was about five or six, my dad came home from work, early. And I knew something was wrong...

Doctor Who novel news

An exciting new Dr Who novel will be released in September.

From Doctor Who Magazine:

Following last year's Doctor Who Michael Moorcock novel The Coming of the Terraphiles, BBC Books has announced that another large/format is to be published this Autumn. The Silent Stars Go By will feature the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory- and the long-awaited return of the Ice Warriors! The book will be available from 29 September, RRP £12.99

From Amazon:

For centuries the Maintainers have worked. With no help from other worlds, they subsist on the food they can grow and that’s little enough. But their purpose, their whole life is to maintain the machines that will one day make their world as habitable as old Earth.

Life used to be hard. Now as their crops fail, livestock sickens, and the temperature drops, it’s becoming impossible. This year’s Winter Season Feast won’t be the usual celebration. It’s not a time for optimism or hope – and it’s not a time to welcome unexpected guests. The Doctor, Amy and Rory find a society breaking apart under the strain. Tensions are mounting, old rivalries are coming to the fore, people are dying...

And then the Doctor’s old enemies the Ice Warriors make their move. With the cold-hearted threat of invasion, the real battle for survival begins. Or does it? The Doctor begins to suspect that behind everything lies a deadlier, and even more chilling danger...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Writing blog url

I might focus more on stories and the above now rather than news.

Fear not, I will still post here, obviously, and will be posting news from DWM as soon as I get it in the post

Big long Blogger rant time

See above.... (warning, watch the language and bad grammer)

Matt Smith: Is the dark side calling?

"There's a lot of blood on the Doctor's hands"

Karen Gillan on River's secret, Let's Kill Hitler villain and motherhood

Karen's Zap2it Comic Con interview about River Song, being a mum and the alien/villain in Let's Kill Hitler.

Time Dragon is one month old!

Yes... It's Time Dragon's monthday! (Don't ask about the picture)

Series 5 Merlin for confirmed

Merlin returns for a 5th series

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Air date revealed?

Has the Doctor Who air date for the second part been revealed?

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Comic Con interview

Comic Con interview about...... Voodoo Matt (?) and Karen's new house decor (?)

Series 6 Part 2 preview details

More details about the Comic Con preview clip have been released.

The BBC has revealed via their Twitter page when the preview clip is to be released. It will be released at GMT 9:30 and will be seen on the official site and on their Facebook page. It will include clips of the rest of the series

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Doctor Who Magazine issue 437

Infomation for the next issue of DWM has been released.

Merlin Series 4 snipet

The BBC seem to be helping this site
The "Original British Drama" trailer features yet another show covered by this site, this time, Merlin.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

BBC Dr Who spoiler clips

The BBC have an "Original British Drama" containing footage for the second half of Series 6 of Dr Who. Here is the trailer link (Blogger gone tonto):

Q&A Matt and Karen

The BBC is giving people a chance to ask their questions to Karenand Matt aka Amy Pond and the Doctor!
They will ask as many questions as possible but only if they are quirky enough!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dr Who drawings: 1 hour and total boredom

Oh hell, did I just do this:

Yes. Yes I did. Sorry for having green paper

SFX Torchwood teasers

Find them here:“rendition”-spoiler-free-preview/

Mazes of Time glitch

Here is what happened to me while playing Mazes of Time on the iPod.
Sorry for the bad quality.

Dr Who Mazes of Time review

Well, it may have been ages since the Mazes of Time app was released but here is my review:

Mazes of Time has just what you would expect of a Dr Who game; funny lines, action and a good story line. The story line is the Doctor and Amy (no Rory, poor guy) looking for a family in time who were seperated after their ship went sort of ka-boom.
They travel in time looking for time spheres as well to help repair the damaged ship. Along the way, they face Cybermen, Silurians, Daleks and, if you count the mini games, Autons and Weeping Angels.

This game is right in there. Straight away our heros minus Rory have a problem. Time ship, family on board and A DALEK SCIENTIST! Gasp! After seeing it though: "Oh look the Joneses have dissapeared!" Well, not those exact words.

The game play is brill, save for the joystick going a bit spaz at times. Puzzles in nearly every room keep you thinking as do your enemies.
Angels in the Shadows is the only deadly scary one, the Angels moving when your sonic light isn't on them. Poor Amy has no light. I say you need to have headphones on while playing these levels because you can hear them move.

Action at every corner. And the occasional Amy regeneration. What the fez she is not a Time Lord! Anyway, this keeps you on your toes

If you like action and puzzle games, get this! It's worth the money for the main story and the add ons. Although the level creator is a bit cookoo.

9/10 hats to you Doctor!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

SFX interview with Bill Pullman

SFx has interviewed Bill Pullman, character Owswald Danes, about Torchwood.
Blogger has been playing up on me again so here is the link to the full interview:

Video link: Matt Smith talks to Alan Carr

Here is the link to the video:

Friday, 15 July 2011

Matt Smith on Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight

Tonight on Channel 4, Matt Smith guest stars on Alan Carr: Chatty Man at 9:30.

The host is joined by Doctor Who star Matt Smith, and pop group JLS, who discuss their new single She Makes Me Wanna. He also introduces music by Miles Kane, and welcomes actor David Hasselhoff and his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff.

As an added bonus, Matt will teach JLS the Doctor Who theme tune!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Filming ends on Dr Who: full report

From the Dr Who official site:

It's Monday, 11 July, 2011 and the Doctor Who team is on location, about to wrap on the last scenes to be shot for the current series.
We're shooting in Wales but Unit Base is about an hour's drive from Cardiff, meaning it's a 5.30am start from the BBC offices. But in a sense the journey to where we are now has been a longer one. It's taken us from the Valley of the Gods to the Vale of Glamorgan; from the icy waters of Cornwall to Caerphilly Castle and, of course, Cardiff, the home of Doctor Who. And this ends today. On a beautiful Monday in the middle of July, with the cast and crew looking as enthusiastic and excited as they did back in September, 2010 when shooting got underway on the Eleventh Doctor's second season.
Whilst the TARDIS is being assembled, Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan arrive. 'It's a great day for it!' Karen declares. 'This is amazing! We're here, the TARDIS is here and it all looks amazing! It's a brilliant way to spend the day!'
Director Richard Senior and producer Marcus Wilson discuss the day's shoot with the stars of the show. Matt checks out one of the specially created props and laughs. 'I love this!' he declares.
There's a slightly celebratory atmosphere. It's been many months since the team began production on the most ambitious series of Doctor Who ever but when the cameras start turning, everyone's focus returns to the task in hand. And what a task. The scenes shot today will form one of the most memorable sequences of the current series and typically for Doctor Who, it's a mixture of drama, humour and action.
Matt finishes filming at precisely 10.36am and before he's whisked off to his next appointment (his day isn't over by a long chalk!) he finds time to shake hands with crew members, thanking them and bidding them a brief farewell.
A couple of hours later, Karen is grabbing a glass of water. She looks back on the morning's shoot, reflecting, 'It was really exciting when we all got together here this morning... We had so much energy! We were bouncing around like children!' But today is the last day of shooting for the series. She nods, admitting, 'I'm quite sad about that actually.'
After lunch, everyone is up for one last push. Richard and Marcus are geeing up the crew, a stunt man is having make-up applied and Karen and Arthur are discussing their next scene.
Arthur Darvill's filming wraps at precisely 18.20 and less than ten minutes later, the final moment is captured. That's it! Marcus gives a broad grin. 'Thank you ladies and gents! That is a wrap on series 6! Thank you very much indeed!'
And then the celebratory atmosphere is back! Everyone trudges away but typical of this team, there's already excited talk about the episodes that lie ahead.
It's summed up by Karen Gillan who pauses to take one last look at the incredible location we've used today. 'It's quite sad to be saying goodbye to the boys,' she comments, before adding with a smile, 'But we'll be re-united again very soon!'

Doctor Who Adventure games update

Via the BBC:

Friday morning and several members of the Doctor Who team are at The Moat recording studio, hunched over scripts and cups of strong coffee. It was an early start. Anwen Aspden, one of the Adventure Games' Executive Producers, is discussing technical issues with producer Gary Russell who'll be directing Matt Smith during the day's session.
It sounds a cliché but the next Adventure Game will be the biggest and most ambitious yet. That's exciting, of course, but whenever the bar is raised there's always a chance it'll trip you up, and so every detail is being examined and triple-checked. And no matter how much you plan a production, from a television episode to an Adventure Game, it only starts to really live when Matt and the rest of the actors speak their lines for the very first time.
So, as last minute preparations are completed, the atmosphere is a mixture of excitement and anticipation.
Matt arrives! Handshakes and hugs, then he sits down with Gary and they start quietly going through the script together. During a short break Matt checks out the artwork for the Adventure Game. The scale of this one is more impressive than the first four and even the artwork hints at this. 'It's beautiful,' Matt comments, looking at some gorgeous images of locations and characters that will feature in the Game. 'And those costumes... just beautiful.'
Matt and Gary have a quick read through of the script together with Gary playing every role other than the Doctor. Then it's straight into the recording. It's the first time one or two of us have attended a session like this and it's fascinating to watch Matt and Gary bounce ideas of each other, discussing options and notions for how a line could be delivered. Matt's able to take a piece of dialogue and literally give it half a dozen spins, pinging different words, experimenting and sometimes laughing out loud at the audacity of the plotline. But it's astonishing to see how he can take the most casual line and make it interesting and so much more than it appears on the page.
It's also amazing to see how the amiable Matt Smith can 'switch', and even sans bow tie and tweed jacket, become the Doctor. From the quiet nuances to the moments of rage, as the fifth Doctor Who Adventure Game is being brought to life, there's no actor in the recording booth. Only the last of the Time Lords. An ancient traveller who is battling against incredible monsters to save our planet. And then...
Then there's a break and Matt jabs a finger at the script and repeats a line with relish. 'Brilliant!' he announces with a grin. 'Only in Doctor Who could you get a line as brilliant as that! I love it!'
After several intensive but enjoyable hours, the first recording session is finished. After the final line of the day is delivered there's a spontaneous round of applause. Anwen is smiling. 'Perfect!' she says. Now, Anwen has been to a lot of these voice recordings and she only says 'perfect' if something is, well, perfect. It's a very good sign!
Matt asks if there's anything else he can help with and ends up recording the voice-overs for some trailers that you'll be able to watch exclusively online. Except these are unique trailers which try something that's never been done in the history of Doctor Who... Matt 'gets' it completely and as we play one trailer v/o back in the studio 'That is magical...' murmurs recording engineer Toby Robinson.
As everyone winds down and we prepare to leave, talk inevitably comes around to the last few episodes. There's enormous enthusiasm for A Good Man Goes to War and Matt teases us by saying, 'If you think that was good, just wait for episode 8! Have you seen any of it yet? No? You're in for a treat! It's...' And then he just gives that full-on Matt Smith laugh and we want to watch the story now!
Matt bounds off and we all leave. Lights out. A little bit of history has been made today. But Phil Ford's script, Gary's direction and Matt's bravura performance ensure that as we leave for home, all the talk is focussed on the future...
The fifth Adventure Game is coming! You have been warned!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Torchwood red button preview

A preview of the Torchwood red button feature has a preview here:

Torchwood promo pics

The BBC has released pictures to promote Torchwood Miracle Day:

Yes, Gwen and Jack are in handcuffs.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Dr Who web vids

Here are some links to UTTER AWESOMENESS vids. This week, piano variations of Murry Gold's music:

This is Gallifrey:

I am the Doctor:

The Badwolf theme:

Vale Decem:

Doctor Who Adventure Games: the Imperial Duck

Well, it sounds that way.

“Just back from day in studio with Matt Smith recording the next Doctor Who Adventure Game. His lines include words ‘Imperial’ & ‘duck’”
“Matt’s performance is alive with energy. Hook him up to national grid and he could power the UK for a fortnight. Will be best Ad Game yet.”
 said the BBC via Twitter.

So...... Make of that what you will :)

Torchwood Miracle Day series boxset news.

Despite Torchwood's first episode only having been aired in the US, boxset details have been released. As well as the 10 episodes, the special features are:
  • Magical FX on Miracle Day Special
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Motion Comic
  • Art Dept Tour
  • Audio Nav & Description

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Story blogs starting up!

Time Dragon now has online story blogs:

link to the prologue of my first Dr Who story, Angels of Shadow, is here

Friday, 8 July 2011

Primeval: no Abby or Conner?

When, or should that be if Primeval returns, will Abby and Conner return too? That is the question after Andrew-Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt (Conner and Abby) talked to Digital Spy in May.

Have you heard anything about a potential sixth series?

Andrew: “We’ve heard nothing at all, but we never do until they need to contact us! I know that production company Impossible Pictures definitely want to keep Primeval alive in one way or another. I think that people thought, ‘If it does come back, it has to come back strong’ and I think we did. If you consider how many cast members have changed, and also our shift to filming in Dublin, and the new ARC, and all the other changes in the show, I think we’ve done quite well, and established ourselves as a regenerated show. We kind of had to do that, because of the year off between series three and four. It definitely evolved. Primeval deserves to carry on, and I hope it does. As for mine and Hannah’s involvement in that, we’re not entirely sure.”

So would you be interested in coming back for another series?

Hannah: “That’s it, we’re not entirely sure.”

Andrew: “But we will say that Primeval is super-close to our hearts, and it always will be.”

Hannah: “We’ve got a massive soft spot for Primeval. It’s given us a lot.”

Doctor Who safe in the UK

Russell T Davies has said that there are no plans for and American Doctor Who.

Fans have, after Torchwood moving house to the US, that Doctor Who would follow suit. Last year rumours even occured.

RTD told the Radio Times:

"No one at BBC Worldwide is looking at an American version of Doctor Who."

“I know everyone thinks we have secret plans. But we do have plans for new dramas, and non-science fiction drama. It’s about time I got back to that sort of material, ’cause I have a lot to say in that world. So our ambitions are endless – but not for that particular one!”

Thursday, 7 July 2011

R.I.P Matilda..... or is it....

It's funny, trust me

Beth Willis leaving Doctor Who

Beth Willis, exec for Dr Who, is leaving.

Beth commented:

"Working with Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Matt Smith on the last two series of Doctor Who has been the most fantastic experience and I will miss them hugely… The plans taking shape for the next series of Doctor Who and for the 50th Anniversary are beyond exciting – and with Steven Moffat at the helm, this incredibly special time for the show is in very safe hands.”

"Beth joined Doctor Who in 2009, shortly after producing the first two series of the iconic drama, Ashes to Ashes. She was onboard for the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor’s era and her contribution was noted by Ben Stevenson, BBC’s Drama Controller, who said, ‘Much of its Doctor Who's current success is down to her vision and ambition for the show. She has been an inspiring and instrumental force and I know will be much missed by all of us, and especially Matt Smith and Steven Moffat.’
During her years with BBC Wales, Beth also co-exec produced the hugely popular series of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, Doctor Who Confidential and the BAFTA-winning Eric and Ernie.
Lead Writer and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, commented, ‘We couldn’t keep her forever, though God knows I tried. She is off to be brave and brilliant in brand new ways, and the sad news for Doctor Who is that it will be somewhere else.’
Beth will be returning to Kudos Film & Television and everyone on the Doctor Who team wishes her the very best of luck for the future."

John Barrowman; the various interviews

John Barrowman has been interviewed by BBC Breakfast, The One Show and the BBC on the following videos:

BBC Breakfast:    from Doctor Who Tv

The One Show:   from Blogtor Who

BBC interview 1:  from DoctorWhoTv

BBC interview 2:  from Doctor Who Tv

io9 and Meta Fictional on masked "Soulless"

io9 and Meta Fictional have revealed who the masked figures in the trailers for the upcomign Torchwood are.


There's the "Soulless" protest movement, in which people wear those weird white masks you've seen because they believe humanity has lost its souls. There's also the 45 Club, a suicide cult that believes if you jump from above the 45th floor of a building, you'll succeed in killing yourself. The sister of Esther (Havins) has a total nervous breakdown because she believes the Soulless are right.

Meta Fictional:

Word on the street is that groups of the so-called "Soulless" are gathering peacefully to silently protest the impending Miracle Day, rumored to be taking place this Friday. Some believe that Miracle Day will be a day for rejoicing (probably because, allegedly, no one will ever die again), but others remain cautious.
. . . With scant information from the shady organizers, officials encourage vigilance for the coming few days. Look out for the Soulless in your neighborhood.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Let's Kill Hitler info released

The 2011 Edinburgh International Television Festival has released a summary for episode 8  of Let's Kill Hitler:

"In the desperate search for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities - and in so doing, learns a harsh lesson in the cruellest warfare of all."

It screens there on the 26 August 2011, so this must mean September airing.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Doctor Who series 7 format

The next series of Dr Who looks to have uncertain scheduling. There has been much confusion about the commisioned 14 episodes.
Steven Moffat was asked on this matter at the Comic Con France and said:
“Contrary to some rumours you may have heard, there will be the same number of episodes.”
He also said the episode number will stay the same but the transmission will.

He also revealed that "you don't know anything yet" about River, that Rory's many deaths have a reason and that the 50th anniversary is very ambitious.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Matt Smith to star in BBC movie

Matt Smith, a.k.a the Doctor, is to star in a film for the BBC named Bert and Dickie. It is a true to life film about 2 gold winning English men at the 1948 Olympics. Smith is to play Bert Bushnell in the movie.

The Daily Mail also says (yes this is from the Daily Mail) that:

"Matt will go into immediate training, not only to learn how to row like a champion, but to look like one too. Although Bushnell was a bantamweight to the much heavier (Dickie) Burnell, the actor will lift weights and work with expert rowers."

Our 11th Doctor will never look the same again!

Sherlock: Russell Tovey guest stars

Actor Russell Tovey, best known for playing George in Being Human and who was Alonso in one of the Dr Who specials (allons-y Alonso!), confirmed he is to guest star on series 2 of Sherlock.
He confirms the news on Twitter:
"Yep! I'm gonna be in BBC's Sherlock... Official."
He akso tweeted that he'll be playing Henry in episode 2, The Hounds Of Baskerville, written by Msrk Gatiss and based around the most famous Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock novel.

Digital Spy reveals that Sherlock and Watson (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) are recuited by Henry after "suffering from a traumatic childhood experience."

So thus concludes my first Sherlock post!