Thursday, 10 November 2011

Torchwood Cast Talk The Show's Future

Eve Myles [Gwen Cooper], Kai Owen [Rhys Williams], Alexa Havins [Esther Drummond] and Arlene Tur [Doctor Vera Juarez] talk Torchwood, the 50th Anniversary of Who and more to The Independent

When asked about the move to America, Eve said:
"I think that with Torchwood we’ve been very lucky. Every season we’ve had a year, maybe two years between each series and they’ve always brought it back different, whether it be 13 episodes or five episodes or maybe a film, we don’t know. To take it to America was simply unbelievable because we had this little show that was happening on the BBC and all of a sudden it went from BBC3 to BBC2 to this massive thing on BBC1 and then exploded."

When asked about Torchwood's tendency to kill off main characters, Kai responded:
"Me? Rhys is the most killable character of the whole lot! They don’t kill me because it works so well. Rhys is a very killable character. I’m constantly on edge going: ‘this is the end’"

"He was supposed to die in episode 6 of the first series and I knew that and I had a word with him and I said ‘you’re going to die, we’ve got to do something really special here and make this relationship work and make Gwen and Rhys real. Not for me. We need to make them real, we need to make them laugh and we need people to enjoy seeing them together and just enjoy their relationship and watch it."

And when asked about if Torchwood would play a part in celebrating Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, Eve responded with:

I wouldn’t have thought so. We have lots of adult themes running in ‘Torchwood’ and I think it would be inappropriate for us to have anything to do with ‘Doctor Who’ because it’s predominantly a family programme. I think that where ‘Torchwood’ is, it deals with darker subjects and I think inter-mixing them, if they want to do that, then fine but I can tell you that I’m not involved in it – they won’t give me guns or a bazooka.

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And Eve replied with:

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