Sunday, 20 November 2011

Camille Coduri rules out Who return

Camille Coduri, AKA Jackie Tyler, speaks about if she would go back to Doctor Who

It seems whenever actors go onto Doctor Who as a main, or related to a main, character, it will follow them forever. Camille Coduri is no different. In a recent interview about a new series named Him And Her, she found herself being asked if she would return.

She replied with:

"I think that’s done now. We’ve been back to say goodbye at least twice. You have to leave it in the past sometime really. And we left five years ago really, so it’s quite a long time. People have moved on. If anyone asked me, of course I would, brilliant. It would be a great story to go back, but I think it’s done and I think we need to leave it where it is, really. "

She was also asked if Russell T Davies has contacted her recently and she responded with:

"The last time I heard from Russell he text me in the early hours to say that Lis Sladen had passed away, and I had no idea that she was poorly. So he’s always in touch, and that was really upsetting. And every now and then he texts me and says ‘I’m watching you on telly’. And he really makes me laugh. He’s gorgeous with things like that, he’s just so brilliant. And yeah, I’m in touch with the guys every now and then. We’ll send a text to touch base. "


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