Friday, 25 November 2011

Merlin Lancelot du Lac teasers

CultFix have posted 15 teasers for tomorrow's episode of Merlin:

“We all have our secrets and, unfortunately for Guinevere, I know hers… I know exactly how to destroy her!”

A gift from Morgause proves incredibly useful for Morgana

“My name is Lancelot and I am ***** to *******”

“You are her ***** ****… and you will be her last”

Lancelot should really know about that little detail!

Gwen should not have accepted that present…

Since returning from the veil, Lancelot is a shadow of his former self

“Chicken is good; nice broth; what do you know about necromancy?”

Lancelot knocks out a close friend and it’s not Arthur

“Adultery in noble families was punishable by death”

“I couldn’t stop myself. I don’t know why!”

“It’s Gwen who must pay the price”

Lancelot and Arthur come to serious blows more than once

Someone meets their maker

Remember to bring tissues because there’s no happy ending and events will have lasting consequences. And you’ll really hate Morgana and Agravaine!

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