Friday, 18 November 2011

Merlin teasers for Lamia

CultFix have posted 15 teasers for tomorrow's Merlin, Lamia

There’s no evil scheming from Morgana this week, but Agravaine is doing his best to make up for it

Merlin is appointed ‘Acting Physician’

“Merlin is right. This is no ordinary illness, there is sorcery at work here”

Gwen gets a big adventure outside the castle

“You are not a knight! You are not even a physician. You’re nothing but a servant!”

Sir Leon and Gwaine get into a sword fight, with one left wounded

“The Knights are like brothers, yet they fight and quarrel like foes”

Elyan will never kiss a girl again…but he’s not the only one

“They took the blood from a **** and mingled it with that of a *******”

Gwen’s tunic comes in very handy

“If he doesn’t get some help soon, he’s not going to make it”

Gwen doesn’t realise how close she is to learning Merlin’s secret

“You won’t find me such easy prey!”

Someone falls on a sword, literally

Who knew Gwen was so tough! Well, Arthur won’t let them hear the end of it

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