Thursday, 3 November 2011

15 Merlin teasers

15 teasers from CultFix

  • “If I do die, will you call me a hero?”

  • “I haven’t seen you since you condemned my sister to a slow and painful death”

  • Arthur is finally alerted to the fact there is a traitor in Camelot

  • “Fomorroh will suck the life force out of you. Everything that makes you Merlin will be gone”

  • Meet George. Arthur’s perfect new manservant and Merlin’s replacement

  • Merlin shares something in common with a pig. And also kills one!

  • Gwen knocks out Merlin. Twice

  • Sir Leon is happy for Merlin to kill Arthur

  • Merlin prepares a steamy hot bath for Arthur

  • Gaius and Gwen catch Arthur naked

  • Emrys fights the Knights

  • Someone discovers Agravaine’s secret

  • “Is Gaius dead?”

  • Emrys and Morgana battle each other using magic…with only one left standing

  • “So Emrys, it seems you will not be my doom after all”
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