Thursday, 10 November 2011

Merlin teasers

15 fresh teasers from CultFix for the next episode of Merlin, The Secret Sharer

  • Morgana is quickly nursed back to health and this time targets Gaius

  • There’s more bedroom antics involving Merlin and Arthur

  • “Gaius condemned himself. There’s no more to be said!”

  • Arthur makes another bad decision. He should really stop listening to his uncle

  • “I’ve had my heart broken enough already today, I don’t want to lose another friend”

  • Agravaine is caught red handed… and so is Merlin

  • “I am as disappointed as you sire. Someone so close, so trusted. And it’s not merely the discovery that he was a sorcerer…”

  • Poor old Gaius is interrogated…and tortured

  • “Get on with it Morgana. Whatever you want to do, just do it now. I’m not afraid to die”

  • Gaius gets to use magic, though it doesn’t do him much good

  • Gwaine finally gets some decent action as he and Merlin go on a mission

  • There’s a last minute switching of sides

  • “Not only do I know who Emrys is, I know exactly where he is”

  • Someone else learns Merlin’s secret, but it’s not who you think

  • “He is the most powerful sorcerer who has ever lived…His name is… Merlin”
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