Sunday, 20 November 2011

Here's a competition for you all

Bored? Time Dragon's running a new competition...

I was recently lying in bed, looking at my glow-in-the-dark stars and had an idea to introduce this competition. It's another writing competition and this time MUST be Doctor Who BECAUSE I would like to give you a pitch.

The Doctor arrives on a badly beaten up asteroid in the far future. Debris lays everywhere. A crashed spaceship sends an SOS. As the Doctor explores, he meets the ship's crew; humans. As they venture around to restart the ship, a monster is killing the small human crew one at a time. The Doctor must figure out what's killing them and what caused them to land before it's too late...

There's a few rules:

  • The crew can't be more then 7 (Because it's a small crew)
  • It must be in my New Year's Eve
  • The monster can be new or already existing
  • Give the Doctor a hat please!
  • Get the ship running again before the end

When you're done, e-mail me here
Good luck! Hoots and Flames!

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