Sunday, 4 September 2011

Night Terrors over night viewing figures

And forget the Daleks, Ant and Dec are the Doctor's worst enemy.

From SFX:

The return of Doctor Who’s old enemies, Ant and Dec, took a chunk out the show’s ratings. Overnight figures show that 5.5 million viewers tuned into the initial screening of Doctor Who “Night Terrors” on BBC1, while Red And Black? on ITV1 pulled in 6.6 million viewers. That knocked Doctor Who into fourth place for the evening, behind The X-Factor (11.1 million) and the second episode of Red And Black? (7.2 million).
So, Round One to the Geordies, but the real result will only come when the final consolidated figures (including people who recorded the shows) are published in just over a week. Who was the more obvious of the two to record and watch later, and it was getting time shifts of around 1.5 million earlier in the year. Will that be enough for it to secure third place? That’s a hell of an uphill struggle…
The episode is currently number one on the BBC’s iPlayer, and, amazingly, “Let’s Kill Hitler” is still in the Top 10 most viewed chart on the Corporation’s catch up service too.

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