Sunday, 18 September 2011

Closing Time official details

Gareth Roberts gives details on his ep:

It's 200 years after The God Complex - for the Doctor, anyway. All the stuff you saw at the very beginning of The Impossible Astronaut, with him waving to Amy through all time and space, he's been doing that.
But time is closing in on him and he can't put off going to Lake Silencio and his doom. But before he does, he thinks he'll make one last social call - and he ends up working in a shop and fighting the Cybermen.
He continues:
I was thinking of returning to Craig when I knew James had been cast in The Lodger, and even more so when I saw his performance.
He hasn't changed that much except that he and Sophie have now got a baby, and Craig is finding it hard being a dad.

Talking about the return of the Cybermen:

It was my idea to include them as there were no other returning monsters in this series, at least not as the main antagonists. I thought there should be a sense of history about the Doctor's final battle to save Earth before he heads off to meet his death.
The Cybermen are at their scariest, I think, when they're lurking in the shadows like they did back in the 60s, so I tried to bring some of that back to them.

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