Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Merlin teasers

20 teasers for the first ep

  • This is the probably the creepiest Merlin episode there has ever been

  • The opening title sequence has been changed a little

  • One year after the events of Series 3 and there have been big changes in Camelot

  • Morganna’s powers have grown massively

  • Uther has become a shadow of his former self, leaving Arthur to try and run things

  • Agravaine, Arthur’s uncle, is now a trusted advisor in Camelot, but he is far from trustworthy

  • The Knights are back in full force

  • Lancelot is good at keeping secrets, but does he still have an eye for Gwen?

  • Gwen has been caring for Uther

  • Morganna murders within the first couple of minutes

  • The monster, the Dorocha are scary shrieking spirits and very Raiders of the Lost Ark

  • The Dorocha have been unleashed from a split in the veil between the real world and the underworld by Morganna

  • Morganna has to make a very personal sacrifice

  • Watch out for the chicken Merlin

  • Arthur and Merlin have a bit of a heart to heart

  • There’s a surprise character death, or should that be deaths

  • Arthur sheds a tear for someone

  • “The one they call Emrys will walk in your shadow. He is your destiny. And he is your doom”

  • You get to see a future vision of Camelot featuring old Merlin

  • Merlin’s situation looks dire at the conclusion

  • From CultFix

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