Thursday, 29 September 2011

Moffat talks finale, Sherlock and River's story plus more

Moffat talks to TV Choice

On if it's reasurring that Sherlock and Doctor Who are picking up prizes:

Yes, very much so. Doctor Who and Sherlock are designed as mass appeal shows. They’re not really meant for the niche markets that sometimes I think they’re expected to be in. So it’s lovely to get a popular vote award – that’s what we’re after. I know it sounds crass, but we want volume. We are after lots of people loving it. We don’t want a little cult following, we want millions, otherwise we can’t continue.

On Finale, The Wedding Of River Song:

Well, it’s pretty much all the answers in terms of what you saw at Lake Silencio and in The Impossible Astronaut. We also truly find out about River Song – who she is to the Doctor. There have been a whole lot of hints about a good man that she kills, and the reason why she’s in prison. She certainly seems to behave like a lover or a wife to him, and this is where we say what that’s all about. It’s a huge mad story, probably the maddest Doctor Who episode ever made. It’s a big roller coaster ride of Doctor Who madness in that sort of bombastic finale style. Loads of fun.

On if this is the end for River:

You’ll have to wait and see. You really will

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