Sunday, 28 August 2011

SFX interview with Daniel Mays

SFX have interviwed Daniel Mays who is guest staring in Night Terrors as Alex. Here are some highlights:

What were your first impressions when you read the script, cause it’s slightly different to a normal Doctor Who script, isn’t it? It seems a bit darker, more psychological. How did you react when you read it?

Mays: “I just thought I stood up as a really good story in itself. The thing that I really connected to… I mean I’ve got a five-year-old son who is a huge Doctor Who fan. I wasn’t really a fan of Doctor Who when I was a kid so much. Obviously I was aware of it but it was only really when David Tennant took over and Milo started to get into it that I started to watch it. And then Matt took over. I think the quality of the show has got better and better and the calibre of guest actors that they get in is…” [pulls a self-effacing face] “…hopefully – of a high standard. But the key to the story for me was this relationship between a father and a son. It’s really quite touching and quite moving and quite psychological like you say. So it’s quite a moving story, which I think I connected to.”

Does Milo get spooked out about anything?
Mays: “Yeah the monsters on Doctor Who!”

Is he looking forward to seeing you on the show?

Mays: “Yeah. I think he’ll really enjoy it. And lots of his friends at school are huge Doctor Who fans. Matt signed some photos for them and that made their day; I was the best dad in the school that day. Yeah, I think they’re going to really enjoy it. I mean that’s the appeal isn’t it? A lot of kids really enjoy the scary monsters don’t they? We all like to be scared.”

Did you get to do any actual stunts at all?

May: “Not that I can remember, no. Lots of running around.”

With scissors?

Mays: “With pink scissors, yup. I’m trying to erase it from my mind, but you know it’s all going to be there on screen!”

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