Friday, 26 August 2011

20 Torchwood epsiode 8 teasers

Non-spoilerish teasers from ep 8 of Torchwood, End of the Road
  1. “You’re telling me the whole world got screwed because two gay guys had a hissy fit?”
  2. Jack is nothing special compared to a Jellyfish
  3. There’s nothing special about Jack’s blood either
  4. 70’s Jack is rocking a moustache
  5. “They are everywhere. They are always. They are no one.”
  6. The blessing comes up again…
  7. …So does the morphic field
  8. “I am sick of her already. Can we deport her? Let’s deport her.”
  9. “And what is it with you Red Baron, you got Snoopy up your arse?”
  10. Hitler gets a mention
  11. Oswald is the most popular man in the world
  12. “Did you see Ianto?”
  13. Rhys has vast reserves of gold
  14. Oswald will repulse you more than once…
  15. …and not just with his dancing
  16. Silence will fall?
  17. Alien technology
  18. Alpha plate
  19. Someone gets a promotion
  20. Watch the watchers carefully
From DoctorWhoTv

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