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DWM eps 8-11 previews

Some quotes and scans from DWM
I love being a subscriber. But: WHY NO SHINY COVER!!!??? Cover sorrows out the way, let's start by killing Hitler.

Let's Kill Hitler quote conversation:

Amy: "We can't have saved Hitler!"
The Doctor: "See? Time travel-never goes to plan."
Hitler: "But this box-what is it?"
The Doctor: "It's a police box from London, England. That's right, Adolf-the British are coming!"

Night Terrors:

Rory: [glancing at the phychic paper] "' me from the monsters.' Who sent that?"
The Doctor: "That's what we're here to find out."
Amy: "Sounds like something a kid would say."
The Doctor: "Exactly. A scared kid. A very scared kid. So scared that somehow ts cry for help got through to us, In the TARDIS."

The Girl Who Waited:

Amy: "Apalapucia. What a beautiful word."
The Doctor: "Beautiful word, beautiful world. Apalapucia-voted number two planet in the top ten greatest  destinations for the discerning intergalactic traveller."
Rory: "Why couldn't we go to number one?"
The Doctor: "Everyone goes to number one. It's hideous. Planet of the coffee shops."

The God Complex:

The Doctor: "You've been here two days. What's 'He' waiting for?"
Joe: "We weren't ready. We were still raw."
The Doctor: But now you're what? Cooked?"
Joe: "If you like. And soon you will be, too. Be patient. First, find your room."
The Doctor: "My room?"
Joe: "There's a room here for everyone, Doctor. Even you. And in it is the very worst thing in the galaxy."

Now, roundups of the eps:

When 'mysterious' crop circles appear in a field just outside of Leadworth, two old friends drop in on the village's most travelled residents, Amy and Rory Pond. One visitor we've met before. The other we haven't. One has a time machine. The other has a gun. This can't end well.
In the search for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adveraries that time travel has responsibilities-and in doing so, learns a harsh lesson in the cruellest warfare of all.

 The Doctor follows a cry for help to an ordinary-looking housing estate on Earth. A little boy is scared og the dark. And of the monsters in his house. And of barhs, old toys and dusty old dolls. And the wheezing old lift next to his room, the witchy old woman across the way, and the gruff landlord pressuring his dad for this month's rent. He's scared of everything. And if the Doctor doesn't save him from his fears, it could mean the end for Amy, Rory, and every human being on the estate...


The Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a relaxing break on Apalapucia, not realising that the planet is ravaged by a deadly disease-one that threatens even the life of the Doctor himself. but that's not the biggest problem: Amy's gone and got herself trapped in a very unusual hospital. How long will she have to wait before the Doctor comes back for her this time?


The Doctor, Amy and Rory are on theur way to Ravan-Skala. Legand has it that the people there are 600-feet tall. But then the TARDIS is yanked off course and drops them off in an ordinary-albeit deserted- hotel instead. "How can you be excited about a rubbish hotel on a rubbish bit of Earth?" asks Amy. But this hotle isn't as ordinary or as empty as it first appears...
There's a room packed with party balloons. In another, a gorilla uses the en suite bathroom. there are clowns. And Weeping Angels. All manner of nightmares stalk the corridors. And it isn't even a hotel. It's just been made to look like one. But who would mock-up an Earth hotel? "You're going to die here," the guests are told, "Well, they ceratinly didn't mention that in the brochure," replies the Doctor.

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