Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mazes of Time on Android

Doctor Who Mazes of Time now on Android

Mobile Doctor Who game, the Mazes of Time, is now on Android and the first levels are free for them, unlike for on iOS mobile devices.

Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time pits the Doctor and his faithful companion Amy Pond against his most formidable enemies including the Cybermen, Daleks and Silurians. Players must use both characters to find their way out of devilish mazes without falling foul of the various traps and monsters that await them.
Originally released on Apple’s App Store in December 2010 to great critical acclaim, the game boasts a 4 star customer rating and has also been chosen as The Independent’s App of the Week in the UK.
The initial set of levels is free, with further downloadable content packs available to purchase. Each pack will unlock a new set of levels, with new monsters and challenges to beat.
Robert Nashak, EVP at Digital Entertainment, BBC Worldwide said, “We’re delighted to be able to offer Android users the chance to play Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time. Android users make up an increasing percentage of the mobile market and we’re thrilled that they’ll now be able to find their way out of our mazes.”

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