Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sherlock Series 2 soundtrack release date and listings

Sherlock - Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series TwoInfo on the upcoming release of the soundtrack for the second series of Sherlock, to be released on audio format and psyical format

With series 2 over and done with, and many a theory as to how Mr. Holmes himself survived the fall, the epic music that accompanied the series is to be released on the 27th of February. Here are the track listings:

1. Irene's Theme
2. Potential Clients
3. Status Symbols
4. The Woman
5. Dark Times
6. Smoke Alarm
7. SHERlocked
8. Pursued by a Hound
9. The Village
10. Double Room
11. Deeper into Baskerville
12. To Dartmoor
13. The Lab
14. Mind Palace and Solution,
15. Grimm Fairy Tales
16. Deduction and Deception
17. Prepared to do Anything
18. Blood on the Pavement
19. One More Miracle

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