Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Hounds Of Baskerville teasers

15 teasers from CultFix on tomorrow's episode of Sherlock
    • When we first see Sherlock he’s a bloody mess. Literally.
    • John gets a hilariously unexpected surprise while investigating a lead
    • “Look at me… I’m afraid, John.”
    • Sherlock’s deerstalker hat is very popular
    • Sherlock turns his coat collar up to look cool
    • “Funny doesn’t suit you, I’d stick to ice”
    • John is once again mistaken for Sherlock’s lover and also his PA
    • John goes on another ‘date’ that ends in disaster
    • • • / − / / • • / •
    • There’s a surprise cameo from Elvis
    • I want my mummy
    • Abbott and Costello are aliens
    • “It had burning red eyes and it was glowing, John…”
    • Sherlock looks into the eyes of evil
    • The episode conclusion tantalisingly sets up The Reichenbach Fall

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