Thursday, 15 December 2011

Teasers for The Sword In The Stone

CultFix have posted 20 teasers for the next episode of Merlin, titled The Sword in the Stone part 1:

The episode title is a lie, for this half anyway

Arthur is trouserless, again

“It’s a good job you don’t have anything of importance to keep secret isn’t it!”

Despite all the slow-mo, the battle for Camelot is over swiftly

Agravaine’s treachery is finally exposed by a Knight of Camelot and he pays for it later

“I’m fine… maybe a broken rib or two”

Arthur undergoes a radical personality change thanks to an enchantment

Merlin has to reluctantly leave an old friend behind

“Those that did not escape are either in our dungeons, or dead”

Arthur gets a new look…and accent

“Burn their crops. Let’s see how they feel when their children begin to starve”

Elyan is tortured by Morgana

Agravaine’s allegiance to Morgana is explored a little. Is he having doubts?

Tristan and Isolde are soon indebted to Camelot thanks to some life-saving action

Arthur and Merlin switch roles… and Merlin loves it

“Welcome home Merlin”

Arthur finally realises Merlin was right all along

Morgana uses Gwaine for her personal entertainment and he has to fight for more than his life

There’s two happy reunions, but they don’t happen until the end

No sign of The Great Dragon or baby Aithusa

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