Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Herald Of A New Age clip and teasers

Clip and Teasers for the 10th episode of Merlin

Here are 15 teasers via CultFix:

  1. Considering the events of Lancelot du Lac, Arthur starts the episode smiling (though it doesn’t last)
  2. Gwen isn’t in it, but is mentioned at several points
  3. “Elyan is no longer the man you knew”
  4. Arthur takes out his anger on Merlin again, then Elyan takes it one step too far
  5. “Would you like me make up the bed, sire, or will you be sleeping on the table again?”
  6. “I know Elyan is a friend, but that friendship ended when he ***** ** **** *** ****”
  7. Elyan ends up in the same place as his sister
  8. “He’s clearly upset by his sister’s banishment”
  9. Merlin has a barrel of laughs orchestrating a breakout
  10. “Uther’s dead. He can’t atone for what he did”
  11. “Ask Arthur, I’m always peeing!”
  12. “Or we could just do it now. Whatever it is that we’re doing, in the dark, when it’s incredibly scary and dangerous”
  13. Merlin loves Arthur’s new sensitive side
  14. “From this day forth, the Druid people will be treated with the respect they deserve”
  15. A very dark and disturbing secret is revealed from Arthur’s past
And a clip:

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