Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Katie McGrath on series 5 and proposed film of Merlin

Digital Spy talks to the Merlin star

Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana in Merlin, has talked to Digital Spy about series 5 of Merlin and the proposed big screen movie.

She states that the final shot of the series "sets up season five so brilliantly".

"Before, you were [always] left on this lovely finishing note, because we didn't know whether we'd be commissioned [for another series]. We know that we're doing season five, so now this is just going to make you want it to be September next year and the start of the new season!"

"It all depends on how [the writers] spin out season five and the legend," she said. "There's so many different interpretations [and] so many stories that they haven't told.
And when she was asked about if she would star in the movie (if it happens):

"God, yeah! You want to bring it to the big screen – you want it to be better than [Harry] Potter!"


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