Thursday, 13 October 2011

Teasers for The Wicked Day, the next ep of Merlin

The following teasers have been released by CultFix:

The episode starts off jovial enough, but takes a sadder turn

“You’re not wearing any trousers!”

Urther fights for his life and someone else’s

Merlin takes the longest pee break ever

“I hope the image of my face haunts him”

“When I’m king, things will be different. You won’t have to live in fear”

Old Merlin orders a piggyback… and kicks Arthur

“By trying ** **** *** ******, Arthur will **** his ****”

Morgana is only half happy

“He will look to his trusted uncle for council and I will ensure that he fails”

Old Merlin attacks Arthur with magic

“I was so arrogant… That arrogance **** ** ****** *** ****”

Merlin may have to keep his secret for a while longer yet

Long live the King

The conclusion marks a pivotal moment for the series

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