Thursday, 27 October 2011

15 teasers for the next Merlin ep

15 teasers for the upcoming Merlin episode, His Father's Son

From CultFix:

  • Merlin (briefly) gets to be a Knight of Camelot

  • Arthur ends up with blood on his hands

  • “Your father would be proud of you”

  • Arthur uses Merlin as a punching bag

  • “Your people do not wish to see their king with the ******** of a **********”

  • “Gorlois raised me as a child. He made me who I am”

  • “Merlin, I’m prepared to face all manner of horrors in this world, but if you think I’m sharing this bed with you…”

  • Arthur breaks Gwen’s heart

  • “I’ve brought this war on Camelot myself”

  • Arthur gets a slap

  • Someone orders Merlin’s execution

  • Morgana gets fired up to ensure Arthur fails

  • “Do not hesitate for one second. Arthur Pendragon must die!”

  • The final battle comes down to just two people

  • “You’re consumed with bitterness Morgana. It spreads within you like a disease”
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