Thursday, 6 October 2011

Merlin ep 2: 20 teasers

Cult Fix has posted 20 teasers about the upcoming Merlin episode:

Gwaine or Winnie the Pooh?

Merlin and Lancelot get some unexpected help

The Wildren return and one takes a quite a fancy to Gwaine

Agravaine gets annoyed when Gwen speaks out against him

“We must make sure she never sees another dawn!”

The Great Dragon appears and meets Lancelot

“Sir Lancelot, the bravest and most noble of them all”

Morgana infiltrates Camelot again

“It will be an empty world without you, young warlock”

Lancelot has no feelings for Gwen apparently

“Will you give yourself to the spirits to save your prince?”

A sacrifice is made

“I asked him to look after you and he promised me with his life… He was **** ** *** ****”
Tears will be shed at the conclusion

“You must help me find this Emrys and destroy him”

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