Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day: DWM infomation

Doctor Who Magazine was sitting on my table as I returned from school and it includes some Torchwood stuff.


Jack: "Did you miss me?"
Gwen: " Yes! *Pauses* Started to think it'd be like some kind of fairytale, I'd be an old woman and you'd come by, out of the blue, to visit my granddaughter. I'd be ancient, and you'd still look exactly the same. *Pauses* Where did you go?"
Jack: " Long way away..."

Why the UK and US have different versions of Torchwood episode 1:

In a nutshell, Russell knew kids would like to watch Torchwood after watching Dr Who and so some of the racier and scarier scenes are edited, like, as he says, when Jack kills his grandchild in Children of Earth, to thriller like.

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