Friday, 24 February 2012

Carolline Skinner talks Worlds In Time and Zygons

Is this online MMO a hint for future Who reference?

Caroline Skinner has talked to SFX about the new online Doctor Who MMO, Worlds In Time.

She thinks that the video games are important to help Doctor Who expand, saying;

“I think that this game in particular feels very exciting. The fact that it is an MMO game and it’s allowing that kind multiplayer interactivity in a really accessible way for the fans, I hope that it’s an exciting new engagement point for everybody. It feels to me as if it’s a very exciting and organic platform to be taking the Doctor Who narrative to. I love the idea you can join just to play a game or solve a puzzle, or you can spend a huge amount of time on there and interact with your friends and other fans.”

She was also asked if the Zygons in the game are a hint to a future Doctor Who episode, of which she replied, "Wait and see."

It would make sense if the Zygons were to return as it was previous hinted that episode one would "blow everybody’s mind.”

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